Today’s rational, digital world is so convenient – in fact many things have become a little too simple, almost bland and meaningless.  The team at Kyouwa Precision Co. Ltd., a Kyoto-based workshop – felt this way and wanted to harness their skills to connect with people.  This made the team at o-lab realize the need to create things with meaning – and a new brand – Teyney – began to take shape based on two pillars: the need to make items with care, the importance of connecting with people and time.  These values are expressed as teinei in Japanese – and the unique world view of Teyney grew from there.  The brand logo signifies an idea – like a thread untied – that has been retied with care.


Kyouwa Precision were able – after much trial and error – to bridge the gap between industrial and artisanal production.  What we can refer to as their “DNA” has three strands: their skills in precision metal machining and their ceaseless pursuit of perfection that they have developed over time.  The second is the focus and ingenuity they bring to the job – wherein the equipment becomes an extension of the operators own body.  And the third strand is the passion of these ‘machinery artisans’ to use their skills to contribute to people’s daily lives through developing and manufacturing original products.


Reversi tiles made of two seamlessly joined metals – akin to pieces of jewelry – sparkle in contrast with an elegantly carved wooden base.  These beautiful pieces of wood and metal would grace any room, in use during a game or just on display as a showpiece.  Players share tiles stored in a single tray – an aid to deepen communication through play.  Teyney bottle openers are functional yet beautiful – Shippo features a traditional seven-sacred treasure motif.  Star brings to mind a magic wand – thin and elegant.  Candy sports a whimsical and fun design, redolent of sweet candy. Kinchaku is a reassuringly heavy metallic paperweight with a gentle design that recalls a Japanese drawstring purse. It makes one yearn to handwrite letters to friends and loved ones.  The brand identity echoes through the design and the hands-on use of each of these Teyney products.




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協和精工|Kyouwa Precision


2016 – now


Good Design Award (2019), iF Design Award (2018), Omotenashi Selection Gold Award (2017)

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