Teyney 軽銀指物


Aluminum Joinery|Traditional/Unfettered Sashimono



Create a unique sashimono box from aluminum using traditional Japanese woodworking techniques.
The contrast with the wooden sections adds to the beauty; choose from a range of colors of anodized aluminum for a one-of-a-kind design.








The joinery and wood craftsmanship found in Japan is rooted in the characteristics of relatively soft woods like cedar and cypress.  This led to a creative idea: if soft metals such as aluminum could be harnessed, maybe new forms of craftsmanship could be created?


With this concept in mind, our starting point was to explore the creation of new, attractive items using lightweight silver (an antiquated term for aluminum) containers.  However, one challenge with color-anodized aluminum processing is that traces of suspension points, where the metal has been immersed in an electrolytic solution, are often left as uncolored areas.  Our team was committed to finding a solution to this challenge before bringing the product to the market.  Kyouwa Precision and o-lab worked closely with their anodizing partner, redesigned the process, and made precise adjustments to the cutting dimensions.  We were finally able to incorporate a wooden bottom panel into an aluminum frame joined with araregumi – a traditional Japanese joinery technique – to achieve unprecedented results that preserved the beauty of anodized colors.  To add depth to the aluminum material, Teyney alternated between matte and glossy surface finishes for the containers.  The lid handles are textured using industrial-style knurling, lending an intriguing blend of industrial and craft aesthetics to the finished product.


While the Teyney containers represent a highly innovative form of craftsmanship, the use of wood – in this case oak – for the bottom and the lid retains the warmth and tradition of classic craftsmanship.  This unique combination makes these containers highly compatible wit both modern and classic interiors.  Whether placed at the entrance, bedside, in the powder room, or in the living room, these lightweight silver containers are designed to fit seamlessly into various settings.  They are also suitable for use in hotels and other hospitality settings, offering a touch of creativity and innovation to everyday life.





協和精工|Kyouwa Precision



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