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There are a number of Japanese companies that have developed ground-breaking technologies.  One of these is Aion KK, who develop and sell super-absorbent materials to clients, mostly industrial concerns.  These are usually clients with specific requirements – such as manufacturers of semiconductors that require super-absorbent materials as part of their precision washing processes – and as such Aion has a proven track record of delivering on unique, highly-specific requirements from clients.


Handling a material consisting of around 90% micropores cannot really be put into words.  Seeing how incredibly absorbent these materials are, o-lab could not help but wonder what everyday uses these hi-tech materials might be suited to?  Looking at the design of sponges currently available on the market, the designs are generally square or rectangular, and when they are not being used they tend to be shut inside a kitchen or bathroom cabinet.  It has been a highly challenging process, but o-lab and Aion could not give up on our desire to make a curved design pleasant to both the eye and the hand, with a range of beaming colors that would grace any interior, as well as being of practical use.  After much trial and error, o-lab settled on a pair of designs that are both fascinating and intriguing; iconic shapes infused with the DNA of Aion – a technology company at its heart.  These objets consist of Shizuku – a droplet shape – evoking moisture, and Ishi – a rock – has the image of rigidity and hardness that pleasantly deceives the actual softness of the product.  Ryouka and Hasu are both flat coasters inspired by floral motifs, and – when a glass is lifted up – these coasters revert to 3D shapes where increased surface area has the advantage of a shorter drying time.


As a nod to the historical and technological heritage of Aion, the exhibition booth where these items debuted featured staff in short-sleeved white lab coats that gave a somewhat casual impression, as well as a simple wooden table to illustrate the hybridization of our lifestyles with cutting-edge technology.


So what is next for suuu?  Our second line of products looks at material characteristics such as how over time they dry out.  Looking at this from the other side, these materials can also be used to slowly release water over time.  Our Marble product line – as the name implies – feature colourful marbled patterns made possible only by our innovative manufacturing method, each one unique and subtly different in appearance.  By combining our Marble with our unique aroma water in a petri dish container, the result is a one-of-a-kind aroma diffuser.




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2016 – now

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