Teyney 向日葵


Sunflower|Magnify your enjoyment through a lens



A beautiful yet evocative design, redolent of sunflowers, the sun, microscopic life.
Waiting to be discovered on the other side of the glass – leaves, insects, writing… what else lies in store?













The magnifying glass exudes a captivating and mystical presence, with a lens seemingly suspended at the center of an organic frame reminiscent of the beauty found in the natural world.  In the midst of our everyday lives, it’s easy to overlook enchanting details like the beauty of leaves and insects, or the exquisite texture of raindrops.  However, upon closer inspection, we can discover that the world around us is brimming with fascinating marvels.  


Furthermore, when it comes to magnifying text in newspapers or other reading materials, rather than being somewhat forced to use a device due to declining eyesight, having a magnifying glass that you’d want to pick up and use, perhaps even wear stylishly around your neck, can add a touch of joy to your life.

The aim is for people of all ages and genders to keep this magnifying glass readily available, using it during their everyday activities like walking or reading.



The Sunflower magnifying glass is the result of four years of trial and error and it incorporates ingenious craftsmanship in its construction.  While considering the diameter of the cutting tools used in the machining process, o-lab conducted extremely detailed 3D modeling where every surface is meticulously designed with organic curves rather than simple arcs.  However, the challenge was whether it was possible to create a structurally complex object like this, with a delicate glass lens seemingly suspended at its center, using metal machining processes.  Countless experiments and setbacks occurred, including concerns about the structural integrity of the slender frame shape and microscopic deformations caused by pressure.  There were many moments when we were tempted to give up along the way.  Yet, through the dedication and innovative thinking of the skilled artisans at Teyney, a product that left us frankly somewhat astonished has been brought to completion.





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