「捨てずに返す容器のシェアリングサービス」としてNISSHAおよびNECソリューションイノベータが共同運営する「Re&Go」のサービスリニューアルにあたり、o-lab inc.が専用カップのプロダクトデザインを手がけました。これまでの実証実験を通して得られた知見を最大限活かすべく新容器の開発が進められましたが、真空二重構造であるという条件に加え、省スペース・輸送時のカーボンフットプリント抑制のための高いスタッキング性、容器開口部内側への導入が必要なフタとのネジ勘合など、スペース的に相反する要求が真正面からぶつかり合う中、コンマ数mmレベルの曲面調整を繰り返すデザインプロセスで難解なパズルを解いて行きました。






Re&Go is a sharing service for containers that are returned instead of discarded, jointly operated by NISSHA and NEC Solution Innovators.  Recently Re&Go underwent a service renewal and o-lab inc. was responsible for the product design of the dedicated cup unit.  The development of the new container was carried out to leverage the knowledge gained from previous trials.  However, resolving the challenge of conflicting spatial requirements involved repeated adjustments at the level of fractions of millimeters to solve this complex design puzzle, including elements such as the need for a vacuum double structure, high stacking capability to reduce the transportation carbon footprint and maximize limited commercial spaces, and the need for a lid that securely fits inside the container opening.


While maintaining direct communication with the manufacturing side, o-lab’s true essence lies in conducting aesthetic pursuit and engineering problem-solving simultaneously, thanks to their sensibility and exceptional 3D modeling skills.  The final stainless steel cup that was completed embodies both simplicity that doesn’t make one feel the hardships of design and engineering and an unparalleled iconic quality, allowing many people to envision its use.


The new cup, with a single raised line resembling a bamboo node, features different textures of hairline and matte finish that can be enjoyed visually and through touch.  It is now available (as of September 2023) at select Starbucks and Lawson locations in Tokyo and Nagoya.





Photography: Nissha Co., Ltd.

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