Gentle Temp 720 / MC-720





Small children can find it difficult to remain still whilst using an underarm thermometer – also it can be rather trying to take a body temperature reading from a child when you’ve just managed to get them off to sleep.  These were the challenges that needed to be met when designing the forehead thermometer – a device that does not need to touch the skin in order to obtain a reading – something that is referred to as contactless measurement.  Unlike devices for the domestic Japanese market, where compact size is one of the more important design elements, the forehead thermometer is aimed at the overseas user, so at o-lab we needed a different approach.  After o-lab created several different mock-up designs with modeling clay, those designs were tested by focus groups in Europe, which led to the discovery of the most favored form factor.  The last step was to precisely tune up the ergonomics via an iterative 3D modeling process whilst balancing production feasibility.  The Gentle Temp 720 does not look or feel intimidating to a small child or baby, instead the reaction is one of interest and fascination – especially in the blue loop that surrounds the sensor – and parents are simply happy to be able to obtain contactless measurement of their child’s temperature.




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